Remote Working & Productivity: Is it the Future?

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Start writing here...With the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak, things were beginning to become unclear: What is happening? Are we safe? What can we expect from the future?
As the world started processing and generating questions and doubts, obstacles never faced previously by today’s generations, it all came back to one thing: global health. For the first time in decades, all the troubles of the world seemed to disappear in contrast with the immensity of the subject, where safety concerns were placed ahead of everything else.
Individuals around the globe instigated questions and concerns they had never faced before: the matter of their health and safety.

Ever Business Solutions Team Safety

As the days went by and the number of infected cases increased, with ongoing discussions and questions being asked around the clock, Ever Business Solutions established the need to urgently react to the situation. Way before local authorities applied confinement rules, and shops and businesses shut their doors in front of the virus, the company urged its employees to immediately start working from home, to make sure the team is safe and away from unfortunate circumstances.
On the 13th of March of 2020, Ever Business Solutions along with its sister company, Intalio, made a complete shift towards remote working and remote collaboration to make sure all employees are safe, while productivity continues to be effective in the delivery of projects.
Every team member isolated themselves at the comfort of their homes, using collaborative and modern tools for communication and collaboration, to ensure the preservation of the working standards, along with respecting the project and client deadlines.

Team Achievements During Confinement

With constant collaboration and a high level of quality team-work, the project management office of Ever Business Solutions accomplished a new set of achievements to the company, under the supervision of the operation managers ensuring things are running smoothly. Among the achievements made in the first month of quarantine, below are a few: 


new project sign-offs & handovers







As a result of the achievements, Tony Farhat, Head of Service Delivery at Ever Business Solutions, shared a few words representing the project management team: 
“In our PMO, we expect the best, plan for the worst, and prepare for surprises. Even when everyone got lobbied with the pandemic circumstances, we kept exploiting opportunities to deliver, while preserving our employees’ safety and customers’ satisfaction as a top priority”

Teamwork & Relationships

During the whole quarantine period, the team proceeded on interacting and collaborating with one another for one cause: productivity and deliveries.
Having homogenous relationships is one of the incredible key points of co-working within Ever Business Solutions. Without the brilliant teamwork, constant individual support, and overall positive attitude, the company wouldn’t have been able to achieve today’s completed solutions, guaranteeing high-quality professional business solutions for the world’s industries.

Back at the Office

As less general confinement rules were imposed, Ever Business Solution employees proceeded on returning to the office premises gradually, while taking all the necessary precautions. On the first hand, the team has divided itself into two groups: One available on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and the other group present on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On the other hand, hand sanitizers and masks have been provided across the premises, with dispensers installed at the door upon the employee punch in.
The management department is available daily at the office while preserving personal space by isolating themselves in separate cubicles, and abiding by all safety measures necessary at work. Most meetings are still happening online, with decreased unnecessary encounters.

Is Remote Working the Future?

Remote work has been made easy due to the various tools available in nowadays’ technology, all thanks to the constant and continuous advancements happening in the IT field. 
A remarkable community is in constant work and search for improvements and evolution in various software fields, which uplifted user-friendly and easy platforms that support teleworking.
With the right set of tools, watch your company processes become easier with automated solutions and facilitate collaboration that supports all kinds of industries, such as telecommunications, manufacturing, education, public sectors, and much more, offering instant access to company data and web conferencing tools.

Staying connected is now easier than ever, and highlights a set of beneficial outcomes:
     •    Saving time on commuting
     •    Cost-cutting on rent, transportation fees, office supplies, etc.

     •     Increased productivity due to better focus and efficiency.

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