Migrate your data from one environment to another with no risks attached.
Accelerate your new deployment and facilitate your database conversion.

While technology continues to evolve, digital transformation is forcing organizations to maintain and update their legacy systems or start adopting new ones. Since data migration becomes a must, it is also a critical element. 

Ever Business Solutions provides facilitated data migration strategies to help organizations successfully move their data from one environment to another, creating strategic solutions and delivering tangible business results. 

Our experts will take care of your entire migration process while adhering to legal requirements and data privacy standards. 


Speed Up Migration

Estimate the number of errors, apply common correction on errors quickly, reduce risks and migrate data across systems without downtime.

Ensure Security

Follow security measures when starting the migration process and protect the data since it is the most valuable resources.

Increase Data Capacity

Migrate millions of records by moving data in batches in a reasonable amount of time and upgrade your infrastructure to increase bandwidth and throughput.



Migrate existing legacy data to the newly implemented system. Successfully move your data following the legal requirements and data privacy standards. 

  • Identify existing data sources and determine the requirements of the new system. 

  • Move and reconcile data across systems and optimize the value of your data resources. 

  • Migrate different types of data seamlessly from storage, website, database, application, cloud, etc. 

  • Use legacy systems to quickly and efficiently extract data supporting large-scale data transfers


Perform data cleansing to minimize risks and errors and import the cleansed data to the new system. 

  • Set the appropriate data governance and cleansing rules for your system before and after the migration process. 

  • Detect and correct corrupted or inaccurate records and identify irrelevant parts of data. 

  • Remove redundant, obsolete and trivial data and compress the remaining content. 


Test the uploaded data and confirm the success of the migration process.

  • Conduct effective software testing with all data migrated from the old application and the new data as well. 

  • Perform testing on legacy applications until the new upgraded system becomes stable and reliable. 

  • Ensure that all the functional and non-functional aspects of the new system are working smoothly post-migration.

Ever Business Solutions offers you all the smart and scalable tools you need to grow your organization.