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Odoo is a powerful one-stop tool that integrates customized modules according to the industry's business needs. From manufacturing to HR, to education and much more, Ever Business Solutions builds and implements tailored solutions on top of Odoo modules, with add-ons that tackle all the aspects of the industry through customized workflows and automated operations.

Odoo's modular system helps organizations with customization and flexibility through an industry-specific system.

Use customized workflows for Advertising, Automotive, Education, Finance, Food & Beverage, Public Sectors, Healthcare, Hospitality, Logistics, Manufacturing, Media, Non-Profit, Real Estate, Retail, Telecom, and Wholesale industries.

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advertising & marketing

Promote your brand online, expand your reach, and grow yout client base by successfully nurturing prospects down the sale funnel.

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Empower the development and mass production of automobiles with automated process management and advanced business operations.

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Offer the highest academic standards and build a valuable experience for all students, departments, faculty members, and employees.

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financial services

Improve business performance to efficiently meet customer needs, diminish risks, and ensure optimal regulatory compliance.

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food & beverage

Improve internal operations such as processing, packaging, and warehousing while ensuring efficient distribution and management.

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Digitize your processes and improve services through smart planning and enhanced collaboration between various governmental institutions.

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Provide affordable and first-class health services across different centers, clinics, and hospitals by simplifying operations.

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Offer high-quality service and adapt to your customers' needs with a scalable and comprehensive hospitality management system.

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logistics & shipping

Build a modern omnichannel supply chain to offer local and international services characterized by quick and safe deliveries at low costs.

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Benefit from agile process management suitable for all manufacturers and allowing them to streamline operations.

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media & publishing

Create, manage, and publish your content seamlessly with modern productivity tools that support every aspect of your workflow.

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non profit

Focus on implementing and expanding your social impact with a variety of solutions suitable for nonprofit organizations of different sizes.

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Adopt solutions for the oil & gas industry, streamline your processes and automate your operations efficiently to help your industry grow.

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real estate & property

Streamline your operations with a suite of advanced tools allowing you to focus on making smarter deals, and increasing your revenue.

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Create a customer-centric experience with advanced digital transformation solutions allowing you to easily promote your products.

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services & telecom

Offer modern professional services by equipping your workforce with advanced tools and enhance internal as well as external communication.

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Control your entire business flow with modern tools that allow you to store products, connect with customers, and streamline your supply chain.


Industries are the major source of economic growth in any nation, which is why it is important to adopt the right tools for maximized productivity and seamless workflows. Odoo helps industries achieve their business goals, with a scope of benefits acquired from the software:

  • Advanced Management: Store and access all information needed for better management and coordination.

  • Increased Productivity: Automate and save time through Odoo's user-friendly platform.

  • Maximized Profit: Save time and adopt a paperless approach for a faster and cost-effective workflow.

  • Decreased Labor Requirements: Manage tasks by automating processes and operations.

  • Minimized Errors: Track and record everything happening in the organization with instant and easy access to documents.

  • Automated Processes: Set and automate the workflow and avoid manual basic tasks.

  • Boosted Sales: Gather leads and opportunities easily through Odoo's system and forecast the company's future actions.

  • Increased Work Proficiency: Let employees focus on the important work and customer relations while Odoo takes care of the company's operations.

  • Industry-Specific System: Odoo is modular for specific industries. Some modules can be used as vertical ones; they are integrated with the standard module making Odoo a full-fledged industry-specific system.

  • Collaboration & Information Sharing: Boost employee's collaboration and information sharing. Share complementary documentation to be read and managed by different entities or discuss tasks through the chatroom available across modules.

  •  Multiple Division Support: Easily support diverse multi-organization requirements with the same highly productive UI that can be personalized according to the organization's role and level.

  • Secure Audit Trail: Store your data and history records securely with Audit Trail Management.

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Ever Business Solutions offers you all the smart and scalable tools you need to grow your organization.

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