Allow different environments for your clients' servers and data with Odoo-sh platform that grants the ability for testing and customization.


Odoo-sh platform as a service allows the use of different environments for clients' servers and data, tests these environments, and customizes the client's instances.

  • Database Replication:  Ensure live replication of all data and avoid losses.

  • Staging Servers:  Test new features and processes.

  • Backup Servers:  Apply daily incremental backups on three different servers.

  • Automated Testing:   Deploy and test every commit instantly.

  • SSH Access:  Shell access to dev, staging, and production containers.

  • DNS & Routes:  Configure custom routes and let it handle DNS.

  • Email Gateways:  Auto configure unlimited email gateways.
  • 24/7 Monitoring:  Monitor and maintain all servers.
  • Top-Notch Hosting:  Optimize installation perfectly.
  • Your Own Runbot:  Test feature-branch in a click.


Test and track developments automatically or manually depending on the requirements and plan the going live date accordingly.

  • Automated tests: Every commit goes through a battery of thousands of automated tests.
  • Staging Branches: Staging branches are built with production data, and stay alive a few weeks for testing.
  • Track Developments: Get a detailed history and logs on all development branches to track progress in real-time.
  • Manual Tests: Connect on any feature branches once they are pushed in GitHub, with our instant deployment.
  • Community Modules: Install community modules to test them, in just a few clicks (based on Git submodules).


Plan, coordinate, and test the process with your team, setting due dates and timeframes for all the staging production required.

  • Dev Staging:  Drag development branches to staging to test them with product data.

  • Convenience:  Kick off the Odoo project with a development and hosting platform in three clicks.

  • Staging Production: Deploy a staging branch to production in just drag & drop, once it's fully tested.

  • Share Test Builds: Share builds with customers to ease testing (public or private URLs)


Have developers edit and customize with continuous integration with several entities, with the ability to control every aspect of the project.

  • Github Integration: Every commit, pull request, merge, or fork is tested and deployed automatically.
  • Clear Logs:  Get detailed and filtered logs available in the browser, in real-time.
  • Web Shell: Get shell access to a production server or a container related to a build, in one click.
  • Modules Dependencies: Manage dependencies with third-party modules with no pain, and update accordingly at any time.
  • Continuous Integration: Get a dedicated "runbot" for your project; a dashboard of all tests.
  • SSH: Register the public key and connect to any container in just a few clicks.
  • Mail Catcher: Mails are deactivated on staging & dev branches. We provide a mail catcher to read them.


Odoo platform adheres to the best security practices. It allows you to consider risks and make sure your system meets security standards and GDPR.

  • Backups / Disaster Recovery: We keep full backups for up to five years.

  • Database Security: We store customer data in a dedicated database. No access is possible from one database to another.

  • Password Security: We protect passwords with industry-standard PBKDF2+SHA512 encryption. Login credentials are always transmitted securely over HTTPS.

  • System Security: All our servers run hardened Linux distributions. Installations are ad-hoc and minimal to limit the number of services that contain vulnerabilities.

  • Credit Card Safety: Credit card information is never stored on the system; It is always transmitted directly between the entity and a PCI compliant payment acquirer.

  • Communications: All communications are protected with state-of-the-art 256-bit SSL encryption. Servers are always under strict security with full SHA-2 certificate chains. 
    Network Defense: Odoo platform has large network capabilities with designed infrastructure to withstand DDoS attacks.


Odoo platform allows users to easily build custom applications and features for clients and customize any workflow or process.

  • Create Applications:  Design full-featured apps in minutes.

  • Reports:  Design reports using drag and drop authoring with the report builder.

  • Customize Advanced Screens:  Graphs, kanban view, pivot tables, Gantt charts, etc.

  • Automate Business Workflows:  Add business logic to your applications & automate tasks with no development.

  • Increase Productivity:  Boost your app with an email gateway, the report engine, BI, workflows, etc.

  • Create features: Adjust your application by customizing it based on the requirements of your company.


Odoo ERP platform adapts easily to new, different, or changing requirements, that can impact the user interface, the background processes, the integrations, the reporting, etc.

  • Adaptability: Adapt to innovations, integrations, improved operations and business added values.

  • Competitiveness: Provide superior customer service to remain competitive, adapt to changes scenarios, and meet the ever-changing market.

  • Upgrading:  Upgrade the system regularly as needed with a smooth implementation between versions.

  • Scalability:  Support growth in usage, data, and other dimensions.

  • Integrations:  Integrate with external systems and/or technologies easily.


The platform allows us to deliver a system with an intuitive user interface. It provides proper access to the system's functions with seamless navigation.

  • Customer-Focused:  Shift existing product-centric solutions towards a customer-focused solution.

  • Graphical User Interface (GUI):  Evolve to richer solutions allowing users to interact with visual components that enhance productivity.

  • User Experience Design:  Create software that users find easy to access, understand and become familiar with the interface elements.

  • Visual Appearance:  Implement beautiful visual appearances from text, colors, and images that enhance the design and interaction while ensuring that the solution remains technologically competitive.

  • Productive User Experience:  Boost end users' productivity and satisfaction by providing a modern and stylish solution and improving the overall usability of the system.

  • User Adoption:  Increase user adoption and lower the chance of failure by simplifying daily user tasks and duties.

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