Connect your whole business and bring together data from a variety of sources.
Ensure smooth business operations by employing powerful integration services.

Every organization’s system requires superior integration technologies to maintain its highest quality and achieve greater business performance. 

Ever Business solutions has years of experience in delivering integration services with SAP, Microsoft, Salesforce and other systems... Our experts will provide you with tools for comprehensive business integration and will integrate your applications whether on-premises or in the cloud with your legacy systems. 

Quickly connect your applications with modern technologies, eliminate integration silos and get the most out of your investments. 


Empower Communication

Connect applications allowing an easy exchange of information and secure transferred data between various departments.

Enhance User Experience

Increase system capabilities allowing employees to perform all their tasks from one place and focus more on business growth.

Improve Productivity

Minimize the time and effort allocated to each task by using comprehensive solutions and solve problems in just a few clicks.


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Integrate value-added technology, communicate and exchange information with third parties through APIs. Power your software through integration using web services. 

  • Identify the best and appropriate API solutions that respond to your business needs. 

  • Integrate with other business software solutions and third-party programs and make your operations adaptable and resilient. 

  • Conduct manual and automated testing after deploying your web services API integration solutions.


Natively integrate with Active Directories and simplify the targeting of information in your large organization. 

  • Allow users to log in securely to cloud with their active directory credentials.

  • Deliver messages via different types of notification channels such as email messages, SMS alerts, push notifications, etc. 

  • Export users from your active directory, create active directory users from the cloud and remove users automatically. 

  • Synchronize active directory users to Azure AD and Office 365.

  • Secure domain, users credentials, confidential information, group, etc. 

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Bring your systems together seamlessly and integrate easily through different connectors. Get your enterprise content even closer to key business users. 

  • Provide custom end-to-end integration through different connectors for maximum efficiency.

  • Integrate with different CMIS-compliant repositories and enable data synchronization.

  • Use desktop connectors to contribute to your tasks by accessing and sharing documents and by connecting the cloud to the desktop.  

  • Integrate with Microsoft Outlook, manage and connect emails within your system.

Ever Business Solutions offers you all the smart and scalable tools you need to grow your organization.