EBS is now The Odoo Gold Partner in Cyprus

It is a time of good news—and great success

It’s almost the end of the year and it has been an exciting year for Ever Business Solution EBS, marked by client portfolio growth and new changes. The company has evolved its systems with the deployment of AI and ML in its business solutions, pushing the organization into forwarding growth.

EBS is now The Odoo Gold Partner in Cyprus

The Improvements to its services have been at the forefront of EBS’s efforts this year. In addition to helping the company increase its size and number of referenced clients, these efforts have officially helped establish EBS as Odoo Gold Partner in different countries adding Cyprus to its database. 

Growth in The Right Direction

Till now, EBS has done more than just continue to grow in size. EBS constantly strives to update its methodology in project management and resources pool to provide a level of services, experience, and skill that sets it apart in the information and software industry.

A Global Vision

EBS is part of the international software deployment firm, Intalio, and shares its global vision. It comes as no surprise that the company has personnel working in various locations throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, having such a global reach has been valuable to both the organization and its clients. 

EBS’s expertise does not end at software integration, the software information company has over 30 years of experience in enterprise consulting and industry knowledge in different areas. Leveraging this knowledge, EBS has provided the guidance needed to help organizations navigate, improve, and simplify some of the most complex organizational processes. In doing so, they have helped many companies identify and realize new opportunities for success. 

EBS works towards satisfying the business needs of the various existent industries such as government, manufacturing, healthcare, advertising and marketing, engineering, finance, logistics, insurance, wholesale, retail, and much more. 

Over the past three years, EBS has established a strong customer base of Cypriot companies such as Sevnor, Exness Global Ltd, and Cyprus Sports Organization (KOA) and currently, is on pace to expand its business growth more in the country. The company is also seeing accelerated enterprise adoption by European companies like DYANIX, KIK trading, and many others. 

With this rapidly growing customer base, EBS is fully committed to doubling down on solution features to help organizations implement wide-scale digital transformation solutions and make their business thrive.

About EBS

As an Odoo Gold Partner, we provide a comprehensive experience in various industry sectors and professional teams that assist our clients in every step during and after the project implementation. We are experts in the field to provide the know-how that transforms the client business requirements into concrete solutions. We assist in pre-and post-project implementation, with services relying on proven effective methodologies to implement, deploy, and customize enterprise projects using world-class software solutions.

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