Implementing your new ERP by analyzing the business, developing requirements, migrating data and ensuring security and backups.

Implementing a new business software solution can be intimidating. To avoid the risks, the system design and configuration should be aligned with the organization’s business processes and policies. 

Ever Business solutions will help you achieve the successful implementation of your new system by defining the perfect implementation methodology to get the most out of your system and reduce your project risks. 

We make sure that the implementation goes as smoothly as possible across all departments and ensure the time and resources are invested in a successful business implementation project. 


Accelerate Implementation Methodology

Set a framework for the project implementation from planning until training, installation and ROI. Remove implementation barriers and adjust the plan in response to new changes. 

Customize Business Solutions

Meet customer and industry’s exact needs with personalized solutions, supporting business operations and exceeding expectations. Modify, update, and enhance the software as needed and desired.

Reduce Project Risk

Identify, monitor issues, and limit errors throughout the project implementation. Complete the implementation project based on the schedule and budget allocated to the process. 



Specify the requirements from your new ERP system. Prepare your business and plan the implementation strategy around technology, people and processes. 

  • Specify the issues and challenges that your business is facing and set a plan on how you can overcome it with the help of the new system. 

  • Analyze how the new system can help your business achieve short-term and long-term goals. 

  • Identify which software should be integrated, upgraded, or replaced with the new system. 


Implement the highest possible quality ERP system in minimum time and cost. Allow adjustments or upgrades when required with flexible schedules. 

  • Install and configure the system with the specifications developed during the design phase. 

  • Track the real-time status or progress against delivery dates.  

  • Enhance communication and keep the system up to date with constant upgrades when needed. 

  • Ensure the dynamic integration between the whole system modules functionalities and data. 

  • Build advanced workflows to execute the business processes, based on predefined rules and conditions and deliver the best outcomes from your business software


Optimize everyday tasks and improve the quality and capability of your business software solution. Make your software highly suitable and adaptable for any type of industry by adding the perfect extensions. 

  • Use the best third-party applications streamlined with your new software and business needs. 

  • Add more functionalities and extra features and perform any activity from one place. 

  • Improve visibility of information across your value chain. 


Improve the quality needs of your implemented software. Enhance the quality assurance process and conduct software testing based on a set of ISO standards. 

  • Test the functional software features, make sure that the software behaves as expected and solve any technical issues to improve the system. 

  • Test the non-functional software features like performance, usability, security, user acceptance… 

  • Improve the software development process, control the software quality and conduct formal technical reviews to reveal and fix errors at early stages.

  • Maintain the quality management system by ensuring compliance with ISO 9001 requirements. 


Adhere to the best security practices when implementing a new business software solution. Consider security risks and make sure your system meets local security standards requirements and GDPR. 

  • Manage access rights and permissions to data and grant authorization to selected users.

  • Store details and sensitive information in encrypted forms only. 

  • Maintain secure passwords and track access history to specific data.

  • Ensure the database security and that all connections to client instances are protected with state-of-the-art 256-bit SSL encryption.

  • Ensure compliance with GDPR by reviewing all your data management and cyber-security procedures. 


Protect your valuable data with effective backups and disaster recovery strategies. Evaluate your current backup systems and check if your business is properly protected. 

  • Deploy and customize the right backup and disaster recovery system for your business to perform backup operations in the event of lost data.   

  • Duplicate copies of data and store them as backups in a separate data repository. 

  • Retrieve copies as backups automatically from the DRS whenever a problem occurs with the primary copy. 

  • Ensure quick recovery from system failure, virus outbreaks and data fraud…  

Ever Business Solutions offers you all the smart and scalable tools you need to grow your organization.