Enjoy a selection of tools and connectors that ease your business processes and complete the company's operations.


We provide migration tools to handle, import, export, and migrate data from one version to another or from external 3 rd  parties to your new system.

  • Import data from external systems like SAP, Oracle systems, Microsoft systems, etc.
  • Import data into your new system from Excel sheets or CSV files.
  • Generate data migration scripts when upgrading from one version to another.  



              Ever Business Solutions takes care of moving data from the client files to the new system (one format to another and one application to another).
              The strategic data migration plan will include consideration of these critical factors:

              • Knowing the data: Before migration, source data needs to undergo a complete audit.
              • Cleanup: Once we identify any issues with the source data, they must be resolved.
              • Maintenance and Protection: Data undergoes degradation. This means there must be controls in place to maintain data quality.
              • Governance: Tracking and reporting data quality is important because it enables a better understanding of data integrity.

              In addition to a structured, step-by-step procedure, a data migration plan should include a process for bringing on the right tools for the migration. Quality and testing of the migrated data will also be the responsibility of Ever Business Solutions Engineer.

              INTEGRATION TOOLS  

              We build connectors to external 3rd party systems through our connectors framework.

              • Outlook Connector
              • Gmail Connector
              • Google Maps Connector
              • Shipping Connectors like DHL Express, UPS, and FedEx
              • Integrated professional 3D printers
              • Full-featured digital cameras and drones
              •   IoT devices using APIs: smart vending machines, fitness trackers, self-order kiosks, inventory, equipment monitoring, and much more
              • Connectors to help integrate with external systems like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, etc.
              • HR Biometric Attendance Device
              • GPS Fleet Tracking
              • VOIP

              Ever Business Solutions will provide a plan to incorporate the client's third parties into the new system. The power of this integration is to give the ability to all systems/modules to communicate with one another, in order to make data flow seamlessly through the environment.

              When thinking of integration, our team use web services standard such as SOAP and REST. Those are meant to simplify the integration with the large number of support tools that are built around them.

              Ever Business Solutions offers you all the smart and scalable tools you need to grow your organization.