Get support from our highly trained experts in business software solutions and ERP systems. Guarantee your success from day one using our support services.

Support and maintenance services are essential for every successful business software implementation. For the new software to better meet the organization's requirements, a support team is a must to help end-users overcome issues, fix bugs and errors and identify the need for enhancement or upgrades. 

Ever Business Solutions provides support services through a professional team and experts, helping customers enhance existing functionalities and ensure the success of the business’ overall system. 

Ensure that your project outcomes meet the established success criteria and get the most out of your IT solutions.


Automate Maintenance Schedule

Benefit from a professional workforce to handle your routine maintenance schedule. Keep your software updated and in line with the new trends with constant maintenance and upgrades, and increase your software life-cycle.

Enhance Business Efficiency

Improve the establishment of best practices and perform better with the introduction of new services. Keep your processes running smoothly and handle issues quickly with a professional support team at your disposal.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Access the new technology easier, with the ability to focus more on customers. Deliver services without system failures or interruptions and offer your customer a more efficient and convenient experience.



Resolve any technical problem with clear and simple solutions provided by the helpdesk support via a phone call, email or ticket.

  • Access Ever Business Solutions support portal or contact an expert through a 24/7 hotline or by email.

  • Provide support without costs or complexity by bringing together development, operations and support teams using one common platform. 

  • Handle questions and issues faced with the greatest ease and provide responses and resolutions quickly. 

  • Provide support with the user’s specific language: Arabic, English, French…


Stay in line with the new trends and take advantage of new features and functionalities. Make sure your ERP system is always running its latest version.

  • Ensure software best performance with the highest level of security and prepare upgrade and maintenance strategies.

  • Optimize the entire IT infrastructure and prepare the organization to face future changes. 

  • Ensure that all the upgrades and maintenance work on your systems are done flawlessly. 

  • Troubleshoot any issue faced when upgrading the systems and provide post-upgrade support. 


Keep your business software solution running quickly and correctly and start deriving value to your business. Benefit from onsite and offsite technical support to meet service level requirements and boost performance. 

  • Run manual and automated testing to analyze the performance of the current software.

  • Fix operational difficulties, hardware defects, software performance issues, bugs and errors.

  • Migrate data to another system environment or technology. 

  • Translate the applications to different languages. 


Define the timeline in which you will receive the maintenance and support services. Have an official contract to return to and a measurable framework for the services provided by Ever Business Solutions. 

  • Procure mutual acceptance for the maintenance and support services.

  • Clarify the responsibilities of both parties and mutual accountability. 

  • Have a clear, brief and measurable description of services to be provided.

  • Guarantee service support & delivery matching your expectations.

  • Evaluate the indicators and track the performance of the services provided and their compliance with the service level agreements.  

Ever Business Solutions offers you all the smart and scalable tools you need to grow your organization.