Allowing users to oversee and schedule upcoming and overdue work orders.


To schedule and plan maintenance orders and equipment checkups.


To record maintenance requests, generate automatic invoices and track work summaries.


View and track assets and spare parts, as well as machines allocated for entities.


To import, access and view documents, manage contracts, and more.


To track and record client visits and checkups made by every field agent.


Founded in 1946 with a vision for improving the health and wellbeing of the Lebanese community, Droguerie de L'Union (DDU) has since become a leading distributor and promoter of pharmaceuticals as well as hospital supplies in Lebanon, representing major multinational and local companies.

Dedicated to the Lebanese market, DDU continues to expand and innovate in a competitive and sometimes-challenging economic environment. Over the last 70 years, the organization has remained a reliable and trusted agent for all its partners.

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In regards to internal operations, Droguerie de L'Union relied on a system that seemed basic and expensive to upgrade. For a company with such a detailed workflow, DDU was not able to record all of its operations in one secure place, which highlighted a gap in the overall processes: the missing ability to view, analyze, schedule, and plan operations accordingly.

On the other hand, field agents were required to visit their client premises and record maintenance information and requests manually, which delayed their process and slowed down the operations. The employees thereby lacked the ability to access the information easily in one centralized and flexible system.


With the support of Ever Business Solutions, Droguerie de L'Union implemented a modern maintenance system that tackled every corner of their operations, consisting of a tailor-made repairs management ERP system inclusive of several entities:

  • A dashboard allowing users to oversee and schedule upcoming and overdue work orders.

  • A maintenance and repairs system granting the company the ability to record maintenance requests and processes, one that automatically generates invoices for equipment without warranty.

  • An integrated calendar used to schedule maintenance input with multiple metrics as well as equipment check-ups, and more.

  • A section for assets, to grant users the ability to view all their assets and spare parts, as well as machines allocated to other entities.

  • A document cabinet with a storage functionality feature to access and view documents, manage contracts, and more.

  • A history function used to track and record client visits of every field agent.

  • Analytics that offer charts and forecasts of the ongoing and pending operations.

As a result, Ever Business Solutions granted DDU the ability to control every aspect of their operations, from overseeing their work summaries and estimated labor, to recording and tracking relative maintenance information, allowing complete flexibility with mobile and tablet versions.

Not only was DDU able to have clear insights on their business, but the organization was also able to cut costs through digitalizing its processes and maximizing employee productivity with a fast, efficient, and modern workflow.

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