Outlook Extension

The Odoo CRM Extension is a connector that bridges your Outlook mailbox with your Odoo database. This extension allows you to:

  • Create leads from emails sent to your mailbox.

  • Centralize Prospects’ emails into a CRM.

  • Search and store insights on your contacts.

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The Outlook Extension requires to be configured both in Odoo and in Outlook.

Enable the feature  on your database

To enable this feature on your Odoo database, go to CRM ‣ Configuration ‣ Lead Generation, enable Outlook CRM Extension, and click on Save.

Install the add-in  on Outlook

You can install the Outlook Extension as a Custom Add-in. To do so, follow these steps:
1- Connect to your Outlook mailbox, open any email, and click on the More actions button, displayed as three little dots.

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2- Click on Get add-ins.

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3- In the new window, select the tab named My add-ins, click on + Add a custom add-in, and then on Add from URL…

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4- Outlook prompts you to enter the URL of the add-in’s manifest file. To do so, copy the following URL, paste it in the box, and click on OK.


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5- Outlook warns you that Microsoft hasn’t verified the add-in. Click on Install to complete the installation.


 By default, you can open the Odoo for Outlook extension from the More actions menu. This section explains how to move the launcher next to the other default actions.

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1- In your Outlook mailbox, click on Settings, then on View all Outlook settings.

2- Go to Settings ‣ Mail ‣ Customize actions ‣ Message surface, select Odoo for Outlook, and click on Save.

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connect to your database

1- Open Odoo for Outlook from any email. This opens the extension as a panel on the right side of your screen.

2- Click on login at the bottom of the extension.

3- Insert your database’s URL then click on Login.

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4- Log into your database by entering your credentials. Skip this step if you are already logged in with this browser.

5- A message asks you if you want to let Outlook access your Odoo database. Click on Allow to complete the connection.


The extension is free and doesn’t require any purchase to be installed and used.

However, this extension provides you with Lead Enrichment in the Company Insights section. This service is part of a paid service known as Lead Generation.

The extension allows you to test this service for free, whether you connect the extension to a database or not. After a while, the extension asks you to buy credits to keep using this additional service.

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In-App Purchase

Lead Generation is an In-App Purchase (IAP) service, which requires prepaid credits to be used. Each request consumes one credit.

To buy credits, go to Settings ‣ Contacts ‣ Partner Autocomplete or Odoo IAP ‣ View My Services and select a package.

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