Invoicing & Accounting


Account Receivables

Account Payables

  • Vendor Bills

    Manage vendor Bills

    Purchase Receipts

    Deferred Expenses and Prepayments

    Non-current Assets and Fixed Assets

    Digitize Vendor Bills with Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

  • Vendor Payments

    Pay with SEPA

    Pay by Checks

    Pay several bills at once

  • Miscellaneous

    Forecast future bills to pay

Bank & Cash

  • Setup

    Bank Accounts

    Manage a cash register

    Manage a bank in a foreign currency

  • Bank Feeds

    Bank Statements

    Bank Synchronization: Automatic Import

    Ponto as bank synchronization provider

    Salt Edge as bank synchronization provider

  • Miscellaneous

    Do a bank wire transfer from one bank to another

  • Bank Reconciliation

    Bank reconciliation process - use cases

    Reconciliation Models


  • Taxes


    Default Taxes

    Fiscal Positions (tax and account mapping)

    Get correct tax rates in the United States using TaxCloud

    Manage withholding taxes

    Manage prices for B2B (tax excluded) and B2C (tax included)

    Manage cash basis taxes

    VIES VAT numbers validation

  • Fiscal Year

    Manage Fiscal Years

    Do a year end in Odoo (close a fiscal year)


  • Overview

    Main reports available

    Create a customized reports with your own formulas

  • Declarations

    Tax Return (VAT Declaration)


  • Analytic

    Analytic account use cases

    Track costs of human resources with timesheets

    Track costs of purchases, expenses, subcontracting

  • Adviser

    Manage a financial budget

  • Multicurrency

    Odoo’s multi-currency system

    Manage invoices and payment in multiple currencies

    Record exchange rates at payments

  • Inventory

    Impact on the average price valuation when returning goods

    Inventory valuation configuration

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