We offer you the best Odoo integration services, an all-in-one management software that propose a variety of business applications targeting businesses of all sizes.


Odoo ERP Integration can simply connect and synchronize your ERP software with other business applications, at Ever Business Solutions we automate business processes to make your organization more efficient and provide better visibility, you will be able to have fast access to all of your current applications in one easy platform.



Odoo Integrated systems can constantly initiate cross-functional events.

Real-time data

Everything is updated in real time with Odoo, you will have access to the most current information across all locations.

Faster return on investment

Odoo allows you to get to profitability faster and understand the benefits of your ERP software immediately.

Visual workflows

Working from a centralized Odoo database allows you to visualize cross-functional workflows for the entire Company.

Mobile access

Choosing Odoo with mobile capabilities enables more accurate order fulfillment; improved decision-making, and up-to-the-minute data.


Odoo has an interface that is easy to follow. Any usability or updates that are made on the Odoo platform will automatically apply to your existing integrated apps.


The all-in-one WhatsApp Integration including Sales, Purchase, Support and CRM. Using this module, you can send quotations, sales orders, bills and invoices, RfQs, purchase orders, and direct to client's/vendor's WhatsApp. Easily send PDF for sale, purchase, invoice and inventory documents using URL. Send a message directly to anyone using a quick menu option, and show message contents in different options:

  • Order information in message: It will only display information in the message.

  • Order product detail in message: It will display the product name, quantity, price, and discount in the message.

  • Signature: It will display the signature at last in the message.

  • Display in chatter message: Easily send and track a message sent in WhatsApp.

In addition, you can enable or disable these options in sales, purchase, support and inventory, due to the creation of separate groups for those services. 

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why ever business solutions for odoo INTEGRATION

Ever Business Solutions will help your business perform better by helping you manage all your aspects from one platform.


Ever Business Solutions can help you save valuable time and money by reducing the cost of manpower across departments. 

With Odoo Integration, Ever Business Solutions will help your Company increase their overall productivity by bringing every part of your business together. 


Odoo has thousands of modules available, Ever Business Solutions can customize these modules to meet your business’s specific needs. 

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