accounting & fixed assets

An ultimate solution for collecting, storing and processing all financial data.


An electronic medical records system to store and manage health-related information.


A software designed for complaints from citizens ensuring seamless resolution of inquiries.


A stock system for ordering, stocking, tracking, and controlling inventory.


The Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) in Lebanon is a public sector institution that aims to protect the health of the population through the legislation and development of the health sector and protection programs. From improving access to healthcare, ensuring equity in services available to the utilization and protection of the more vulnerable groups, the Ministry of Public Health works on upgrading health institutions at all levels to ensure a qualified and advanced health system.


The Ministry of Public Health identified the drawback faced by their system as they were unable to manage finances clearly throughout projects and track investments with the world bank. Moreover, MOPH had established the necessity for enhancement through evaluating and upgrading its stock management system to streamline and improve warehouse operations, accelerate and automate its workflows in order to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Finally, the organization expressed the need to support citizens by better managing complaints through improved data collection, analysis and visualization means in order to be able to make better decisions towards enhancing the public healthcare sector.


With regard to the Ministry of Health's call for a better operating system, a professional project committee from Ever Business Solutions evaluated the situation to suggest an upgrade towards a solutions revolving around OpenBravo ERP system, garnished with a customized dedicated ticketing system to log and manage beneficiaries' requests. The newly implemented management system consisted of four main areas:

  • An accounting and fixed assets solution for collecting, storing and processing financial data.

  • An electronic medical records system where health-related information can be gathered, stored and managed by clinicians and staff within health care organizations.

  • A grievance software designed to address complaints from citizens ensuring prompt and seamless resolution of inquiries.

  • A stock system for ordering, stocking, tracking and controlling inventory.

With a platform easily spread across the ministry, Ever Business Solutions granted the organization an opportunity to manage, monitor and oversee all administrative and financial operations.

Better capabilities towards decision making and forecasting future operations was accomplished due to the flexibility and scalability of the solution. Furthermore, the mobility provided with this solution allowed end-users on the move to continue to manage their day to day tasks, providing access to information from any place, at any time, through integration with a mobile application.

Finally, the solution was integrated with over 70 medical centers across Lebanon providing standardized and centralized access on accurate information ensuring data integrity and quality in real-time,

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