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Etisalat is a multinational telecommunications services provider based in the United Arab Emirates, currently operating in 15 countries across Asia, the Middle East, and Africa and offering a variety of services such as mobile, internet, and satellite bundles. 

Etisalat works on its client relationships, along with employee satisfaction, offering an eClub for all employees to enjoy, with deals and offers to enjoy with families and loved ones.

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The Etisalat team had conveyed a necessity to implement a complete information management solution regarding the Etisalat Club (eCLub) that revolves around employees and their memberships. offering them a set of deals and discounts across the Emirates to benefit from, with their families.

In regards to managing member information along with future actions and operations, Etisalat confronted several limitations. Their old process consisted of a system incapable of managing club members, information, mailing lists, campaigns and complaints, in addition to the necessity to print out nearly thirty thousand membership cards for individuals, which augmented the overall cost and decreased sustainability.


Following prolonged communication regarding the client's requirements and expectations, Ever Business Solutions examined and recognized the essential requirements of Etisalat. The imperative step consisted of introducing a complete 360-degree information management solution that enables the company to oversee, monitor, track and control all club operations. The solution relied on Odoo software and incorporated several apps that address, each, different angles from the customer's requirements.

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A solution used to improve collaboration and communication between club members and admin users for eClub services.


A module for the automation of membership alerts regarding bookings and deals. Also supports integrated calendar management capabilities.


A recurring solution for subscriptions, offering automating invoicing & billing and supporting automatic payments. 


An end-to-end module for admin users to access and manage any document at any time, all in a single platform and a paperless approach.


A contact management solution for importing, storing & exporting contact information with instant access to the data at any time.


A portal that allows users to manage their accounts and information directly from the front-end website interface.


A module that automates email campaigns directly into the customer's inbox with potential deals and offers to take advantage of.


Modules used to keep an explicit standard for member satisfaction and manage their complaints, with virtual chatbot integration to accelerate the ticketing system.



A platform used to introduce and communicate events as well as offer an online ticketing system supported by a payment gateway.


A user-friendly platform used to customize apps based on the customer's requirements and needs with no necessary coding required.

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The proposed solutions from Odoo, and with the implementation services offered by Ever Business Solutions provided Etisalat with an exceptional digital customer experience that helped grow and retain the club members. Not only was the solution flexible and available on both desktop and mobile, but it also offered integration with Google Maps to show deals and nearby facilities according to the member’s location.

Thanks to their digital transformation with Odoo solutions implemented by EBS, Etisalat proceeded towards an eco-friendly and paperless approach that not only helped preserve the environment but also cut costs on generous and extensive printing. 

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