Work Remotely

The amount of change happening at once with the COVID-19 pandemic is challenging managers across the country forcing them to manage their teams remotely and adopt new ways of collaborating to help people work productively from home.

We, at Ever Business Solutions, made a complete shift towards remote working and remote collaboration to make sure all employees are safe, while productivity continues to be effective in the delivery of projects.

The rapid shift to remote work has created new challenges for organizations. But Strong management practices will keep teams engaged and productive through hard times ahead.

Key Management Behaviors supporting virtual working:

  • Providing the right tools: Make sure employees have the technology they need to be successful by providing the right Hardware, software and internet support.

  • Communicating regularly and often: When employees work from home, they can feel disconnected from their organizations that’s why maintaining frequent, transparent, and consistent communication allow managers to track how employees are doing.

  • Shifting your expectations: Because managers have less direct control over remote teams, they may need to adopt a new management style by giving staff more autonomy and put utmost trust and confidence in their employees that they will do the right thing.

  • Praising often & celebrating success: When a manager takes time to regularly demonstrate gratitude and appreciation for an employee's accomplishments it can motivate, engage, and reinforce positive behaviors and outcomes.

Employees are looking to their Manager as a model for how to navigate the changes and succeed in an uncertain environment. Setting a tone with positivity, active communication and an openness to discussing questions and concerns will help your team be better prepared for success in a remote workplace.

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