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The MRP allows you to plan manufacturing orders automatically using master production schedule, minimum stock or make to order rules.
The master production schedule automatically creates manufacturing orders based on the demand forecast and stock on hand. This allows you to prioritize manufacturing orders, to schedule work in the future, review it and adjust it manually if needed.
With scheduling complete, you are ready to start assembly!

Workers use tablets on the shop floor to record production, check worksheets, track time and more.
The workers’ tablet is now integrated with barcode scanners for lots, serial numbers and quality controls.
The Odoo IOT box allows you to connect tools and machines to the work center control panel to automate measurements, machines set up or work instructions.
Work is timed automatically, Odoo uses this measure time to schedule future orders accurately.
Once the job is finished, the worker can record production with a press of a button or by scanning barcode. When production is complete, the traceability report shows you the serial number of each item used to manufacture your product.

In Odoo, you can easily add process from another department through the assembly line and track it. If something goes wrong like a machine malfunctioning or missing raw materials, the workers can flag the order as blocked then trigger a quality alert, maintenance request or record scarp units as needed.

This will directly notify the right department about the issue. Once it’s resolved the other teams are notified by these alerts trigged during the assembly. This helps you track any errors and make production more efficient through better communication between all the teams involved in the global manufacturing process. 

ODOO Quality management

The quality department has a key role in the whole manufacturing process. They can review quality alerts and track the status of investigations.
Dynamic reporting features help spot trends and conduct root cause analysis.
Quality control points can be defined to make sure that each piece of the product reaches its quality standards.
The Kanban view to keep your quality team organized and keep track of your investigations.

A new alert about the failed quality check is available in the quality dashboard.
As your investigation progresses, you can assign a root cause. To continue this improvement, you can set up preventive actions like quality control points.
Sending alerts to the manufacturing department or engineering change orders.


If the problem is related to the manufacturing process, the engineering department can create an ECO to fix it.
The system tracks different versions of BoMs and routings.
You can attach CAD files or any other documents. And quickly review changes to the BoM.
Make sure the ECO is approved by the relevant department, at each stage of the implementation process.
The communication is all in ONE place!

It’s easy to manage each version of BoM or routing.
And with Odoo, you can easily differentiate or manage these documents. You can see the structure of the BoM, by opening each component and viewing all the details such as operating cost.
When the ECO is deployed, you can check the first pieces produced with the quality control plan.
You can set up a new control point, and the workers will receive instructions on their tablets!

Thanks to the integration of Odoo’s apps, optimizing your whole process is easy!


Odoo Manufacturing is fully integrated with Maintenance and Repairs.
You can plan and track repetitive and corrective maintenance on all your assets, from a simple dashboard.
From the maintenance KANBAN you can:
Prioritize and schedule incoming maintenance requests.
Select a ticket, assign it to a technician, schedule it and move the ticket to the next stage. Review all the maintenance schedule on a calendar.


Odoo Manufacturing is fully integrated with inventory.
Better organize your warehouse with the smart double entry inventory system.
Get the most efficient stocking method and improve all your internal operations. Odoo's double-entry inventory has no stock input, output or transformation. Instead, all operations are stock moves between locations. Track every stock move from purchase to warehouse bin to sales order. Trace lots or serials upstream or downstream from anywhere in your supply chain.


Reporting functionality is available in every App in Odoo.
Any metric can be sorted, grouped or filtered and displayed in a histogram, chart or pivot table to provide you with insights in your operations.
Get cost report on a manufacturing order. Time and material costs are used to automatically calculate the cost of the order.

If work stops for whatever reason, a worker can flag the work as blocked. Odoo computes OEE automatically by tracking working time and blocked time. You can view OEE reports on each work center to find where you’re losing the most time.


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