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Do you know what makes the difference between good and great sales teams?

THE TOOLS they use.

Odoo CRM is a great tool to organize your sales activities, automate tasks and empower teams with customer daily.

CRM is an approach that helps businesses improve existing customer relationships and acquire new customers faster.

"When people talk about CRM, they are usually referring to a CRM system, a tool that helps with contact management, sales management, agent productivity, and more. CRM tools can now be used to manage customer relationships across the entire customer lifecycle, spanning marketing, sales, digital commerce, and customer service interactions." - Ahmed Al Hebshi - ERP CONSULTANT

With Odoo CRM, you can easily drag and drop your opportunities to any stage of your pipeline. You can Schedule meetings, calls or tasks in just a CLICK! See an overview of your today’s meetings and next activities, and Call your prospects directly from the app.

With odoo CRM you don’t need to record data manually anymore, emails are automatically integrated and the VoIP integration allows you make calls directly from the opportunities record. Your schedules also synchronized with Odoo Calendar and your mobile phone to keep yourself organized.

Fully integrated with other Odoo Apps

Ecommerce, Marketing, Sales, E-signature, Emailing and others.

  • Design professional quotes, create visually engaging email campaigns.

  • Automate actions and follow-ups with Odoo marketing automation app and sign your contracts easily with Odoo E-signature.

Odoo helps thousands of businesses to spend more time focusing on their sales opportunities, and less time on unnecessary manual data entry. 

"A CRM system gives everyone - from sales, customer service, business development, recruiting, marketing, or any other line of business - a better way to manage the external interactions and relationships that drive success." - Ahmed Al Hebshi, ERP CONSULTANT

Odoo CRM: The CRM that salespeople love.

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