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Odoo Appointment

Odoo Appointment Scheduling

Managing appointments require special attention to run an organization smoothly. It can be applied to any business workflow and is very helpful in enabling and establishing a smooth flow between the customer and company.

Why do you need this appointment management system?

 No more verbal appointments.
 A unique appointment number is created for each appointment created along with the date and time slot to trail the assigned appointment.
  All these appointment records and invoices can be maintained from the backend.
 Track and manage appointments on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
  Add relevant time slots to avoid double-booking for the same slot.
 Save your time by searching for appointments early.
 Appointment mail notifications for customer convenience to keep them updated.

Odoo Appointment Management System key Features 

Let your customers schedule meeting in just a few clicks, based on their availabilities.
Customize a meeting link and share it by email, on social media or through your website.
Allow your customers to cancel of modify meetings according to your own conditions.
Automate email and/or SMS reminders to reduce no-shows.
Let customers reschedule in a click, automate reminders, sync with teams calendars, etc.

Create your personal meeting link and let your prospect choose between your available timeslots.
Define different slots and let customers schedule meetings based on your preferences and availabilities.
Let customers schedule meeting from their mobile with Odoo's responsive user interface.
Show combined availabilities across a team and let your prospect schedule a meeting with whoever is available.
Automatically synchronize with your mobile phone (Android) or desktop calendar application.
As soon as a timeslot is booked, it will be removed from your calendar.


Multi Timezones

Schedule meeting across different timezones and let the platform convert hours for you.


Every customer can schedule meeting in their own language.


Customize appointment pages, setup options like cancellation and rescheduling deadlines, etc.

Customize Scheduling & Availability

Setup custom appointment duration, availability and padding between appointments

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