Implement data management solutions in your company. Collect data, analyze raw information, and deliver insights for better decisions.


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                                        The platform has embedded BI and analytics in order to collect, store and analyze historical and present data, deliver actionable insights, make better decisions and improve business performance.

                                        • Embedded analytics: Provide reporting and analytical capabilities in transactional business applications: accounting, human resources, manufacturing, etc.
                                        • Big Data Management: Manage the huge volume of structured and unstructured data and process a large amount of information in a short time.
                                        • User Experience & Big Data Adoption: Improve user experience and increase big data adoption by allowing employees to use a single solution to access both transactional and analytical information.
                                        • Deeper Insights: Track interactions and provide deeper insights into behaviors and needs.
                                        • Business Intelligence Automation: Automate business functions, perform predictive analytics using existing data, and drive quick and informed decisions.

                                        ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE

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                                                    The platform allows our clients to benefit from various artificial intelligence capabilities such as computer vision, intelligent recognition technologies, advanced problem solving, and more.

                                                    • Chatbot: Enhance customer support with automated web chat, providing the quickest responses to repetitive questions with smart visual chatbot builder.
                                                    • OCR: Automate manual tasks by recognizing content automatically and converting scanned paper-based textual or visual files into editable text formats.
                                                    • Web Crawler: Monitor web pages texts, images and videos, extract data social media channels and generate more leads.
                                                    • Face Recognition: Identify a specific individual by analyzing and comparing facial patterns and extract facial attributes.
                                                    • Speed to Text: Collect audio files and convert them into textual content while performing audio segmentation and detecting the language used.
                                                    • Auto Indexing & Labeling: Protect the database from damage by indexing late electronic documents repositories and create unique identifying labels automatically.
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                                                    Enable efficient access to ERP data by asking natural-language questions to the ERP bot. Simplify the exchange of information and provide excellent customer service by interacting with them.

                                                    • Learn from previous conversations and reports to provide better answers and responses to customers.
                                                    • Simplify data retrieval across systems and allow customers to access the required data within seconds by fathering quick answers.
                                                    • Receive personalized alerts enabling users to immediately interact and ask for more information or probable solutions.
                                                    • Automate data input by submitting relevant data automatically into the records and eliminate repetitive entries.
                                                    • Improve user experience by being available on-demand, 24/7, and across various devices.
                                                    • Support multi-languages, allowing the Chatbot to communicate with customers in their native tongue.

                                                    Automate manual tasks, process incoming documents and transform them into valuable information. Capture different types of documents, such as scanned paper documents, PDF files, images, etc. and convert them into editable and searchable data.  

                                                    • Run OCR automatically or manually on specific folders.
                                                    • Support Latin and non-Latin languages including Arabic.
                                                    • Prepare images and enhance the quality to get the best input for the recognition process: cleaning images, rotating images, etc.
                                                    • Speed up the process of image recognition converting high volumes of scanned documents in no time.
                                                    • Discard unnecessary information on images and boost recognition accuracy.
                                                    • Perform spell checking, indexing, and barcode recognition when capturing content.

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                                                    Ever Business Solutions offers you all the smart and scalable tools you need to grow your organization.

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