COUNTRY: kuwait      INDUSTRY:   retail


Kings' Coffee was first brought to existence as a small coffee roastery located in an off-street in hawalli and rapidly became the seed to what's considered today the number one most grown chain of coffee roasteries in Kuwait.


Kings' Coffee team initially implemented Odoo to handle all their ERP implementation. Growing rapidly, they needed to adapt to the quick environment and market demands to provide an advanced customer journey and retail experience.


With the help of Ever Business Solutions, Kings' Coffee optimized their implementation by adding many additional features and functionalities on top of the existing Odoo environment. With many tailored applications including:

  • CRM A module used by Kings' Coffee to import and manage contacts, keep track of all interactions, control invitations and information synchronized with google calendar.

  • Sales and POS:  Modules upgrading the sales processes.

  • Ecommerce:  Serving in taking the company services online.

  • Inventory:  Helping with maximizing warehouse efficiency by tracking and managing stock and avoiding stockouts.

Kings' Coffee are now ranked first in their line of business and providing a Class A service for all their customers.

Taking KAIZEN (continuous improvement) as a key of Kings' management, we've projected many future enhancements that will maintain their leadership in the market using the most advanced technology, fully integrated with Odoo.